Wow!Rashida Frost Confirm This

The very famous and popular Atlanta Star Rasheeda Frost is very happy with her cutie little pie, Karter.

Recently the businesswoman shared a beautiful video on social media where Rasheeda Frost is having a lot of fun with her cutie pie Karter at Candytopia in Atlanta.

Rasheeda Frost looks gorgeous and smart with her little boy as they both played and goofed around.

Rasheeda’s fan is praising she is being an incredible young mother despite her busy schedule.

Another commenter stated: “Such a great mom Rasheeda. Can’t wait to watch you… it’s getting so close  For real tho I always love me some Rasheeda one of the most real .”

This fan claimed: “Beautiful Boss Lady and Little Handsome Boss .”

In a recent interview, Rasheeda opened up about being a mogul and mom by saying: “It’s important to not be complacent. I’ve always been driven to create things. I have vision boards of what I want to accomplish, and I keep myself motivated to get things done. It’s also important to do the things you enjoy and solve problems that are relevant to you. Take my exercise video, I get so much pleasure, and gratification from working out and being healthy has always been a part of my life. I was a gymnast as a young girl and played basketball throughout high school. It’s easy to be active when you’re young. But it’s an uphill battle when you start having kids and seeing that weight is falling on you a little differently and staying on a little longer. I’m on TV, so I always want to look my best. But it’s a problem that anyone can have. I am helping people take care of themselves while I take care of myself.”

Rasheeda is the complete package.

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