Wow Tyga And Rob Kardashian come together celebrity

Yes you heard it correct!
Tyga and Rob Kardashian come together against Blac Chyna. Tyga and Blac Chyna share custody King Cairo and Rob and Blac Chyna share Dream Kardashian. After watching the video of Blac Chyna fight at Six Flags on Easter Sunday, both fathers want safety and more custody of their kids.

Rob was worried after watching the viral video of Blac Chyna and discussed to his family legal advisor. Now, “Tyga is demanding changes for King’s safety after Chyna’s outburst. The latest drama brought Tyga and Rob closer together, and with the help of Kylie [Jenner, 20, Tyga’s ex], Tyga and Rob have been talking about how to best handle Blac’s out of control behavior,” a source close to the situaiton tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Tyga is demanding Blac make changes for both King and Dream’s safety and he is looking for help from Rob. They are discussing how to handle things with their lawyers and what their legal options are since they are both in the same spot with Chyna,” the insider reveals.

“They want more custody or some other court ordered rules in place to insure that Dream and Cairo are never again in harm’s way. Tyga thinks Chyna’s latest actions are ridiculous and he wishes she could be a better role model.”

“Neither Tyga nor Rob have met her new boyfriend, YBN [Jay Almighty, 18],” who was present at the park on the day of the scuffle, which “worried” both fathers.

“Tyga fears what King might be learning from the rapper or what bad habits and foul language King might pick up by listening to him speak,” the source adds. “Rob and Tyga haven’t heard anything good about YBN and that scares them. They know nothing about this guy outside of the outrageous videos they see of him online.”


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