Watch Chris Brown’s Reaction over Rihanna And Hassan Latest Photos

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are still together – and that breaks Chris Brown’s heart. After seeing the couple’s recent vacation pics, Chris was a wreck, devastated that the ‘love of his life’ was with someone else!

Amid rumors of a breakup, Rihanna, 30, and Hassan Jameel, 29, were spotted together in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Though they were in an “animated” discussion, they were still together, which stabbed Chris Brown, 29, right in the heart. “Chris was crushed when he found out that Rihanna and Hassan are still together,” a source close to Chris told HL. “He still loves Rihanna so much and wants her back. He was really hoping she was done with Hassan for good. But then Chris saw the pictures of them on vacation and his mood skyrocketed because it looks like they’re arguing.”

It’s true – Rihanna’s pointing her finger in a way that says something’s about to go down (of course, they could just be arguing about the World Cup, as RiRi’s a fan.) This picture seemed to give Chris hope, as the source tells that “Chris swears he can tell by the look on Rihanna’s face that she’s not happy with Hassan [and] he’s sure she’ll dump the guy soon.”

“It’s not that Chris doesn’t want Rihanna to be happy,” the insider added, “he just wants her to be happy with him because he’s still convinced she’s the love of his life. Seeing these pictures of Rihanna and Hassan on vacation has been an emotional roller coaster for Chris. It kills him that she’s still with Hassan but he’s clinging to hope that it won’t last much longer.”

It seems the reports of Rihanna and Jameel’s breakup were a bit premature. Supposedly, these two split because she “got tired of him,” and called it off, breaking his heart. When she attended the Ocean’s 8 red carpet premiere alone, that was all the “proof” Chris needed to confirm the alleged split (too bad, Breezy.) No wonder the new picks broke Chris’s heart.

Though, when it comes to the “love of his life,” he has two to pick from. Along with Rihanna, Chris is also still hung up on Karrueche Tran, 30, even though she has a restraining order on him. “Chris keeps tabs on both Rihanna and Karrueche quite often. Pretty much everyday he is checking pictures, what they are up to,” a source told HL. “He still believes that he will be with one of them again. He really has convinced himself.”


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