Terrible! Porsha Williams Claps Back

NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams used to be BFFs or friend goals, but something snapped, and they have been feuding online for the past few days.

All of their fans believe that it’s such a pity to see this happening especially before the winter.

Their online feud escalated pretty quickly, and their fans, followers and even Tamar Braxton hopped in the comments section and asked them to stop this whole thing before it’s not too late.                              NeNe had a message to post recently, and it obviously targeted Porsha, even if she did not name her:

‘Loyalty is hard to find! Why is that? Thank you to the people that ride wit me til the tires fall off! Many of these girls are in alliances they think you know nothing about they🙄 wanna be looked at as the good person (when they are not) keep the people close to you who are down with you! Keep the people who think YOU think they are down for you even closer.’

Now, Porsha clapped back: Sometimes God will EXPOSE how people really feel about you during a small misunderstanding.

One of Porsha’s followers said the following words in the comments section:

‘I adore Porsha, but Porsha when someone brings you something learn how to hold water! You don’t always have to respond to the bullcrap, hold your baby gut. You’re soon to be a Mother and perhaps a wife. Your friends will warn you and wish you well. Your enemies will want to destroy you. Hold what ya got till you get what you need my friend.’                                                                                        Somene else said: ‘This is NOTHING but the truth! Experienced it first hand!’

Another follower said this: ‘Yessssss! But when someone shows you who they are the 1st time believe them! Don’t allow them to affect who you are to prove they are who they already have shown you!’


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