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Shocking! RHOA Feud Between Porsha Williams And NeNe Leakes

All RHOA fans are aware by now that there’s been a terrible ongoing feud between Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes. These two used to be friends, and then at one point, things started to go downhill, and they did not seem to stop.

Porsha addressed the current status of her friendship with NeNe during Andy Cohen’s WWHL.

‘Where do you two stand?’, Andy asked Porsha. Also, he made sure to mention that a fan poll asked: ‘We want to know, will Porsha and NeNe repair their friendship?’

‘I can tell you that,’ Porsha interrupted. ‘Ah no!’, Porsha said and then added ‘I’m good, I’m good.’

It seemed that Andy was surprised by how sure Porsha was that her friendship with NeNe is really over. ‘Really?’, he asked. Porsha responded affirmatively.

Porsha has revealed that their only form of contact has been ‘via sending her back another cease and desist.’

Just in case you’re not aware of this, Porsha told People that NeNe sent her a cease and desist letter after the two started feuding online.

Porsha has posted screenshots of fat-shaming text messages that she received from NeNe just days after giving birth.

After this whole drama, NeNe started to lose fans, and people on her Instagram account have been   her extremely harsh for what she told Porsha.

NeNe even disabled the comments amidst so much hate that she was receiving, but after that, she enabled them again. Fans continue and tell NeNe that she definitely needs to have a break from RHOA and become more humble.

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