Rip! Quincy Brown Is Heartbroken

The mourning son took to social media to post yet another heartbreaking tribute to his late mother, Kim Porter. Quincy Brown posted a pic that featured him and Kim, and in the caption, he wrote:

‘You showed me how to simply live life and to be happy no matter the circumstances. So that’s exactly what I am doing. I miss, and I love you so much, mommy.’

As you know by now, the sudden death of the model shocked a lot of people who really loved and respected her, which is why they made sure to remember Porter in their touching messages.

Not only that but her former longtime man, Diddy, also delivered a eulogy at her funeral.

‘I just went through a dark, dark time, and she’d come over and make sure [that he was okay]. Even though we weren’t together, she was just that type of person. It is hard to love someone when you ain’t with them, some days you do not have to be there. She was just like, ‘Come on, Puff, you gotta get up,’ the rapper said.

As for her son, Quincy, he got the support of Justin Bieber, (among many,) who comforted him on social media.

The singer made sure to let him know how much he loves him and that even though he did not know Kim since he is so ‘special’ she must’ve been pretty ‘amazing’ herself.

Finally, Bieber assured Quincy he was praying for him and his family during this dark time.

While it’s obviously extremely difficult for anyone who knew Kim, especially her close family members, to deal with her passing, such touching words are sure to bring them at least a bit of comfort.


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