Omg! Tiny Harris finally Adresses This

Tiny Harris finally talked about the rumors running that her daughter Zonnique Pullins is expecting.

Recently Zonnique Pullins shared her pictures to show her new plum hair color but fans noticed something else and freaked out over the rumors that she is hiding something.

One Person claimed that ‘smelled like expecting’. Zonnique Pullins responded by saying ‘what does it smell like’.

And finally Tiny Harris reached to protect her daughter and she commented on the post and hide these allegations.

Then some her fans and followers just supported her and said to leave Zonnique alone as she is young, independent and grown up women.

Zonnique Pullins is dating rapper Bandhunta Izzy these days.

People also believes that Tiny Harris would be a great and sexy grandmother and T.i would be a wise grandfather.

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