OMG! Kylie Jenner Blasts Travis Scott

It turns out that people who said the Travis Scott pics with another lady are fake were right. It was just some man playing a hoax.

Kylie Jenner is not happy at all after this cheating hoax, and she took to Instagram to share her feelings about the whole thing.

Everyone was shocked after pics surfaced that showed an alleged Travis kissing another woman.

‘IDK if this is really a social experiment to some people, but you’re messing with real people, real relationships, real family,’ Kylie wrote.

‘I’m happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand. the internet scares me sometimes for real.’

This so-called social media experiment involved the YouTube personality Christian Adam, and he showed a video in which he was telling people how he managed to pull the hoax.

He claimed that he did it only to prove that the people on the Internet will blow certain rumors out of proportion.

Well, Kylie and her family are not impressed, and frankly neither are we

Hollywood Life recently reported that Kylie would have been devastated if Travis chested for real.

‘Kylie is freaking out and has been leaning on Khloe for support dealing with nasty Travis cheating rumors,’ an insider close to Kylie told the online magazine Hollywood Life.

The same source said that ‘Having been through it all recently, Khloe has been helping her little sister ignore the haters and online trolls trying to tear apart her young family.’


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