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Dark circles spoil your beauty and the eyes tend to give you an older, rather haggard or tired appearance. A lot of efforts are required to just get rid of them.
Celebrities who work for hours and hours have solutions because their field and work wants them to look fresh.
• Camila Alves: “When your day starts at 4am and your kids were up in the middle of the night, the day starts with de-puffing,” she said in an Instagram post. “I love this hydro cool firming eye gel from [Skyn Iceland] as a quick fix for the day. This is NOT an ad or sponsored. I just love this thing and it works in 10 minutes! Thank you [Patrick Ta] for introducing this to me!”

• Madonna: “I made these eye masks that are filled with eye serum,” Madonna told Kim Kardashian and Kandee Johnson at a recent launch event for her skin-care line. “I put them in the freezer and put them under my eyes.”

• Bachelorette’s Jojo Fletcher: “I’ve been using IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Eye Cream because it has caffeine in it. I find anything with some sort of caffeine in it really helps under my eyes.”

• Chrissy Teigen: “First we prepped the skin with Creme de la Mer. Of course, I warm up the products with my hands first and then press it gently. I love using this on Chrissy because it just helps add to her already natural glow, especially while she’s pregnant. Then I pat La Mer’s The Lifting Eye Serum in with my ring finger under the eyes.” Said the Grammys, makeup artist Mary Philips.

• Myla Dalbesio : she uses the Clinique All About the Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage to keep her eyes fresh.


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