Here’s Why Justin Bieber Was Crying With Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and his fiancee Hailey Baldwin had an emotional date not too long ago, and the paparazzi were able to capture them crying in new pics. One insider explained why Justin has never publicly cried in front of Selena Gomez before, but he can be this vulnerable in front of Hailey.

The source told HollywoodLife that ‘Justin used to rely on many people to help him cope but now the only person he trusts and confides in is Hailey.’

That being said, it looks like their crying had nothing to do with wedding jitters as some initially thought.

‘He isn’t opening up to anyone but Hailey right now, all he will say is that they’re ‘going through some things’ but other than that he’s like a vault,’ the source close to the singer went on.

So Bieber and Baldwin could have actually been talking about deep, personal things with one another which caused them to shed tears and apparently, that was not something he ever did with Selena Gomez.

‘He does say that he’s never felt closer or more in love with anyone in his life. Hailey makes him feel totally safe to open up and show his emotions. He’s never been this open, vulnerable or emotional with anyone in his life. He wasn’t even this close with Selena,’ the insider explained.

What many people thought was an argument, was in fact them bonding on a very deep level.

‘Justin and Hailey share everything with one other. He loves her because they support each other during difficult moments. And yeah, that means a lot of tears sometimes. They’re being private about what they’re dealing with, not opening up to many people. But Justin’s happy he has Hailey, and she’s happy that he’s there too, so they both have a shoulder to cry on.’

How cute! It’s just them against the world!


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