Don’t Miss This Mess: Rasheeda Goes At It With Kirk’s Mistress, LHHATLReunion

The first part of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlantareunion aired on Monday night and didn’t skimp on the mess that viewers seek in these forums.

In fact, one of the most outstanding messy moments came courtesy of Rasheeda Frost as her confrontation with her estranged husband’s mistress, Jasmine Washington, took center stage.

During the reunion, Rasheeda slammed Jasmine for coming to her, personally, and telling her the truth about her having Kirk’s child. After Jasmine clapped back, stressing that the married man failed to take accountability for his part in their affair, all hell broke loose.

The “Marry Me” femcee went on a rant about Jasmine using a photo of her son, Karter, to prove that her son with Kirk, Kanon, is his.

To make matters worse, and to the somewhat surprise of the viewers, Rasheeda then confirmed that she and Kirk have reconciled.

Twitter fans seemed to share the sentiment that Rasheeda was blaming the wrong person for her husband’s wrongdoing.



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