Did DeAndre Hopkins Just Confirm He’s Iggy Azalea’s New Man?

The word on the street is Iggy Azalea and Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins are boo’d up, and the rumor started with a simple Instagram comment.

Two years after Azalea broke up with new Warriors guard Nick Young, there has been chatter that she dated several other high profile people: Tyga and Odell Beckham Jr.

However, in recent screenshots obtained by SportsGossip.com, Azalea and Hopkins sent flirty comments to one another in the comments of an image he posted. Eventually, when asked if he is Azalea’s boyfriend, Hopkins replied, “yes indeed.”

Other screenshots, captured by a Brazilian fan page for Azalea, showed the Australian rapper called Hopkins her “man.”

In addition to confirming the dating rumors, Azalea took to Instagram to post several twerk videos and an Instagram story where she shows off her “cellulite” (possibly to prove her butt is real).

Despite the video, wherein she called out people for body shaming her, some people still claimed Iggy may have had a fat transfer operation to get the large rear end.

Additionally, news of the relationship between Iggy and DeAndre had some people debating whether the football star was leveling up or selling out.

“U [sic] know what whatever that’s his preference but it’s so sad how these black men always got [sic] a run to a white woman or a half way white woman smdh,” wrote one person on Instagram.

“Y’all kill me. This debate on interracial relationships is so played out. When a black man dates a woman that’s not black, it’s a problem and all of a sudden he doesn’t love black women, but as soon as a black woman dates a white man y’all instantly say “yasss sis, secure the bag.” Tf be wrong with y’all??? This double standard stuff gotta go,” responded another.


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