Great News For Tekashi69

Despite the fact rapper, Tekashi69, or Daniel Hernandez, iscurrently sitting behind bars awaiting conviction and sentencing on racketeering charges, he’s still making waves on the Billboard charts.

In fact, just three months after he, Nicki Minaj, as well as Anuel AA, released their joint hit, “Bebe,” which took the Hot Latin Songs by storm, Mr. Hernandez, 22, has once again taken the top spot with the song “Mala.”

In the week ending on the 6th of December, Nielsen Music reported that Hernandez’s newest song earned approximately 6.8 million United States clicks, a 37% gain.

As it was previously reported, Daniel’s album, Dummy Boy, released on the 27th of November, was a surprising publication that was supposed to hit the shelves shortly after but was ultimately postponed due to his incarceration. Industry insiders supposedly

His latest track earned Daniel his second Top 10 hit, while it’s the fifth for Anuel AA. Unfortunately, this is great news in an otherwise horribly complicated situation, as 6ix9ine waits behind bars for a full year before facing conviction and sentencing.

The authorities booked Hernandez on racketeering charges after months of complications involving the police in New York City and around the country. Daniel has been in and out of the judicial system repeatedly in the last few years, with the most recent being his guilty plea to sex-related charges involving a minor.

Moreover, Tekashi69 has been indirectly, and directly, linked to drive-by shootings, including the supposed hit ordered on Chief Keef, and the New York City restaurant shooting.

Previously, Tekashi and his crew were trying to meet with a New York record label executive, but when the man’s security said Tekashi’s crew couldn’t come in, things quickly went sour, and shots were fired before the police finally arrived.

Subsequently, Hernandez has allegedly incriminated himself over and over again on social media, by posting videos of himself ordering “hits” out on people as well as repeatedly saying “Treway,” the name of a New York gang he’s supposedly associated with.

Currently, Hernandez’s lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, is arguing that the 22-year-old rapper is merely “playing a role” as a way of promoting his music. It’s unclear how well that defense will work.

Rip!  Big Celebrity Loss

Nancy Wilson, the three-time Grammy award-winning musician, has died aged 81 after a long illness, her manager has said.

Born in Chillicothe, Ohio, the vocalist made her debut in 1961 with the single “Guess Who I Saw Today”, although she recalled in interviews that she first began singing around age 3 or 4.

“I have always just sung,” she told NPR’s Piano Jazz in 1994. “I have never questioned what it is. I thank God for it and I just do it.” To the Los Angeles Times she said: “I have a gift for telling stories, making them seem larger than life. I love the vignette, the plays within the song.”

She initially focused on R&B music, before establishing herself as a gifted “song stylist” of jazz ballads and torch songs in a career that spanned more than five decades. She left Central State College in Ohio after one year to pursue music full time. She had been touring continuously in her twenties when she met saxophonist Cannonball Adderly, who suggested she move to New York.

In 1959, she did, and what followed was a successful career that included a number of hit songs and albums, along with several prestigious awards.

The New York Times called her a “forerunner of the modern female empowerment singer… with the brass inflections and biting inflections to fuel it, Ms Wilson could infuse even the saddest song with a sense of strength”. She spent her teenage years listening to the female singers she heard on a local jukebox, such as Dinah Washington, who had a sense of drama and ironic tone that impacted Wilson’s own work.

Her biggest hit was the ballad “(You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am”. Released in 1964, it reached number 11 on the Billboard pop chart. Wilson released more than 70 albums.

Bloop! Porsha Williams Slams Kandi Burruss

Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss’ relationship, as shown on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, has proven to be quite strained as a result of the latter publicly discussing the former’s fiancé’s past female suitors.

Now, after Porsha dubbed Kandi “hateful and miserable,” she took to her Bravo TV blog to state, in more detail, exactly how she feels about her on-screen nemesis, and not many positive thoughts were expressed.

In her blog, Porsha shared that she finds Kandi to be “disingenuous” when it comes to her man, Dennis McKinley, and went on to essentially call her two-faced, writing, “She is great at throwing the rock and hiding her hand.”

“I wanted Kandi to know I saw through her fake concern, because she had already proved it was disingenuous by spreading it to two different groups of women instead of coming directly to me,” she wrote. “Kandi knew that while she was being ‘messy,’ we hadn’t communicated with one another on any personal level as ‘friends,’ so why would she even care?”

In a recent interview, Kandi also shared that her seemingly messy approach of consulting the other cast members about Porsha’s man before going directly to her was simply a precautionary measure as she wants the best for her friends. However, her pregnant co-star isn’t buying it.

If she is, she has a crazy way of showing it,” she wrote.

Most Shocking! Cardi B Steps Out Without This

Cardi B didn’t let the news surrounding her split with husband Offset stop her from enjoying herself and making some money to boot.

Just under 48 hours, after Cardi announced the breakup, she was seen at Miami’s ELLEVEN nightclub, whooping it and seeming completely unfazed.

There’s a clip of the Bronx rapper on stage with friends while she mouthed the words to her new song “Money.” TMZ reports that Teyana Taylor, as well as Bad Bunny, stopped by her table to say hello and show love. Cardi was also sporting a body hugging jumpsuit and Tekashi 6ix9ine-style rainbow hair in the video.

She also rapped along to her verse on the cut “Drip,” despite the fact that Migos is featured on the cut,

Meanwhile, on the “Bodak Yellow” rhymer’s Instagram page, people have been talking about Offset being accused of trying to organize a threesome with Cuban Doll and IG model Summer Bunni. A lot of folks said they’re glad that Cardi left the Migos rhymer, because he just won’t remain faithful.

“When you finally realize you can’t stop a man who wanna cheat from cheating, no matter how well you put it down or what you bring to the table. The only thing that can top that man is himself,” one person wrote. “She’ s done feeling crazy. Not worth it.”

“He got caught on this one,” wrote another. “Imagine all the ones he didn’t. She needs to leave him. Why would she stay when he doesn’t want it to begin with?”

Oops! Kenya Moore Has Named These Atlanta Housewives

Before Kenya Moore officially introduced her newborn daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly, to the world with the first official photos revealed by PEOPLE earlier this week, she had been slowly letting her loved ones meet her “#miraclebaby.” And some of the first people to meet Baby Daly, her first child with husband Marc Daly, are sure to have a special place in her life.

Kenya recently shared a collection of photos on Instagram that shows Kandi Burruss, her son, Ace Wells Tucker, and Cynthia Bailey saying hello to her little one after she was born on November 4. She also shared that Kandi and Cynthia will be like aunts to her daughter. “[Kandi] and [Cynthia], [Todd Tucker] and [Noelle Robinson] came to check on their niece just days after we got home,” Kenya gushed in the post. “I just love [Ace’s] giant smile.”

Cynthia, who has already made it known that she wants Brooklyn to refer to her as “Titi Cynt,” also posted a precious photo of herself meeting Kenya’s daughter for the first time. “Love at first sight! Been waiting on this little one for a long time. Just adore you already sweet Brooklyn Doris Daly,” Cynthia, whose daughter Noelle accompanied her to meet Kenya’s bundle of joy for the first time, wrote on Instagram. “Congratulations [Kenya] & Marc. May God continue to bless & protect your beautiful daughter.”

And because we just can’t get enough of little Brooklyn, we’re going to leave this right here, too.

So Sad! Star Beth Chapman Reveals Big News

While we previously reported that reality stars Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, 65, and Beth Chapman, 51, are devastated by the news of her throat cancer return diagnosis, the couple is searching for ways to fight it – and that includes looking around various treatment centers to face this, head-on.

“Beth is preparing for the battle of her life,” a representative for the Chapmans told HollywoodLife. “She was given a 50/50 chance of the chemotherapy working, so the Chapmans are searching for other treatments, including in Boston, Houston, and possibly at MD Anderson.”

For some, a cancer diagnosis can be earth-shattering, but Beth is trying to look forward and not let this stop her from living as normally as she can, the representative said. “Beth is very strong, very healthy, and very, very active,” the representative continued. “They are trying hard to keep things as normal as possible for their children, but are desperately clinging to each other while they go through the search for a cure.”

As they’re in the midst of searching for another treatment for Beth, Dog has also decided to help support the family in the one way he knows how: bounty hunting. “Dog is going back to full-time bounty hunting to try to help absorb some of the cost of his wife’s medical bills,” the representative said, since treatment costs can be astronomical – around $150,000, in fact.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Beth has had to deal with this cancer. She fought the disease back in 2017, and had to receive an emergency operation this November when it returned and spread. While Beth battles her disease, she at least has her husband by her side. “I have to keep faith,” Dog told In Touch. “I am the leader of the family. She thinks she is, but I am. I have to keep it where I don’t have any doubts and keep everything positive. I love my honey so much, I don’t know what I’m gonna do… I’m like…I think I’m in a bad dream and I need to wake up. People keep saying to me, ‘Dog, are you OK?’ But I’m not the one who’s sick.” Our thoughts are with the Chapman family as they go through this difficult time together.

Kenya Moore Special Guests

Aunties — Kandi Burruss and her co-star, Cynthia Bailey — all visited Kenya Moore’s baby, Brooklyn Doris Daly, a few days after she was born.

And Marc Daly’s has decided to finally share the sweet pictures taken to remember the special meeting. In a series of photos, Kandi and Cynthia can be seen holding the beautiful baby girl.

Ace has the cutest smile upon meeting the infant and appears eager to play with her.

Kenya also explained that other Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates such as Todd Tucker and Cynthia’s daughter, Noelle Robinson, met the new baby. Fans are in love with the gorgeous baby.

One person said: “I believe you will be the BEST mom!! I wish your grandmother was here to see her. But you know about the resurrection promise. Enjoy Brooklyn! So much love and blessings. #RHOA big mistake!!! You guys dropped the ball.Ace is so cute, he wants to take Brooklyn home with him. A little birdie told me Ace would love to have a sibling to play with and grow up with.”

Another commenter asked: “Kandi is a real friend the others keep them away from the beautiful baby girl. But I was thinking the same thing also wondering why Kandi had the baby face rubbing against her clothes instead of having throw cloth over her shoulders. Somewhere Nene is scrolling and scowling. 😂😂”

This follower stated the obvious: “I have never seen a child so beautiful in my life! She looks like a porcelain baby doll! Congratulations mama you’re so blessed, and you’re going to be fabulous Mama! She is gorgeous😍😍😍 definitely giving me baby fever😩Kandi your little boy is sooo handsome, …hi little Kenya. She so lil I love ❤️ it Brooklyn would b spoiled if I had her no doubt.”

In a new interview, Kenya said she is already eager to have baby number 2, just weeks after giving birth to Brooklyn.

She told PEOPLE: “I don’t know if my body can do it, but we would love to have one more. I want a little boy! At first, when I was starting to feel really bad in my pregnancy, I was like, ‘I cannot possibly do this again.’ But within the first week after giving birth, I don’t know — I missed the baby bump! I missed the whole thing of carrying her, feeling her move inside me and all that stuff. I would love to feel that again.”

Shocking! Nicki Minaj Confirmed This

Even if Nicki Minaj kept her new boo’s identity secret for a while, she eventually showed him off for the whole world to see who he is. But fans did not react the way she was probably expecting them to.

First of all, Kenneth Petty was convicted of murder, and he’s also been charged with sexual assault when he was younger.

He’s now a registered sex offender. Despite all these things, Nicki told her fans to calm down.

She claimed the rape wasn’t in fact what it sounds like. ‘He was 15, she was 16…in a relationship. But go awf, Internet. y’all can’t run my life. Y’all can’t even run you own life,’ Nicki wrote a few days ago on social media.

As if all this drama was not enough, Nicki has also been accused of stealing Kenneth from his now former girlfriend.

But Nicki seems unbothered by all this as she just confirmed that Kenneth asked her to marry him.

‘He want me to be his wife- his MISSIS like SIPPI NOW,’ Nicki captioned her recent post on Instagram which includes both her and her new boo.

Fans are still not on board with this whole idea.

Someone commented ‘@nickiminaj you living ya best life.. enjoy hun happy looks good on you!’

Another follower said ‘I hope she protects herself legally and financially though. I would suggest that to anybody, whether dude had his own money or not 🤷🏽‍♀️’

One person wanted all the best for Nicki and told her this: ‘I know it’s too soon for having babies but please get married and have a baby. You not getting any younger Onika @nickiminaj.’

What do you think? Is Nicki just trolling us or are these two really planning a wedding despite all the fuss that their relationship has been causing?

Must Watch! Tiny Harris Fans Crazy With Excitement

Tiny Harris posted a video with her baby girl whom she shared with her hubby rapper T.I. Heiress Harris is definitely one of the cutest and smartest two-tear olds that we have ever seen. This girl can make your day.

‘One of my many Blessings.. @heiressdharris My Sunshine 🙏🏽👑💜’ Tiny captioned her video in which she’s asking her baby girl all kinds of things and the baby genius, as fans call her, responds accurately. She’s beyond adorable!

Needless to say, fans are in awe, seeing this clip:

Someone commented ‘This is what it looks like to have great parents that are actually at home teaching their kids. She didn’t learn these things by watching TV, you guys. Great job @majorgirl and @troubleman31 we’re looking at Our Future President right here.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️’

Another follower gushed over Heiress as well and said ‘She is so smart as I sit here and watch this with my two-year-old I begin to ask her Jayla what’s your mommy’s name she replies with ummm two lol. Your little girl is absolutely adorable.’

Another supporter praised Tip and Tiny for the way in which they raise their kids:

‘Good job @majorgirl and @troubleman31 !! When you read and speak to your kids instead of baby talk, this can happen. Both my kids spoke complete sentences and could carry conversations at 2. 🤷🏽‍♀️’

Someone else said ‘She’s so smart and cute. She brings her family a lot of joy.I’m almost sure.❤️❤️

Another commenter praised Heiress and said ‘Beauty and Brains! That’s what’s up!!!! You did not hear not ONE curse word come out of her mouth! (Some parents think it’s cute; Not!) Two years old, on a kindergarten level. Amazing! KeepApplyingPressure @heiressdharris 💪💪💪😍😍😍💃😘💯💯’

Heiress also melted everyone’s hearts when her proud mother shared a funny video of her dancing.

Omg! Kenya Moore Reveals

Kenya Moore just welcomed her first child last month, but she’s already thinking about having another baby.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, 47, gave birth to daughter Brooklyn Doris on Nov. 4. And despite a high-risk pregnancy that included multiple health scares and led to an emergency cesarean section, Moore says she and husband Marc Daly aren’t necessarily done expanding their family.

“I don’t know if my body can do it, but we would love to have one more,” Moore tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. “I want a little boy!”

“At first, when I was starting to feel really bad in my pregnancy, I was like, ‘I cannot possibly do this again.’ But within the first week after giving birth, I don’t know — I missed the baby bump!” she explains. “I missed the whole thing of carrying her, feeling her move inside me and all that stuff. I would love to feel that again.”

And if she can’t, the new mom says she’s open to other possibilities, like adoption.

Having wanted to start a family of her own for so long, being a mom is the culmination of a lifelong wish for Moore. “I finally have everything I’ve dreamed of,” Moore shares. “This little angel … she’s so beautiful. I feel so blessed. It’s all been so worth it.”

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Moore and Daly met in 2016 and wed in a romantic St. Lucia ceremony in June 2017. They didn’t waste time trying for a child, with Moore telling PEOPLE at the time, “We both want to start a family and soon — like, right away.”

Since Brooklyn’s arrival, Daly, 48, has been a source of strength for the star in these early days of motherhood. It helps that he has experience as a dad already, with two children (one grown and the other a teenager) from a previous relationship.

“He has been the best father,” Moore says. “He changes her diaper. He even tried to dress her one day. He lays her on her stomach and they watch TV and just hang out together. He talks to her the whole time. He really has been the most incredible doting dad. It just makes me have more respect for him.”