Straight Warning For Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss recently shared a photo of her with husband Todd Tucker.

She gushed over her hubby. They both wore the cool t-shirt from the Old Lady Gang Restaurant.

And surely no doubt Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are couple goals.

But everyone discussed the relationship of Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton instead of focusing on the couple.

They showed more interest in the reality show that Kandi Burruss is a part in these days.

One follower of Kandi Burruss straightly warns her and said; ‘after Big Brother I beg of you🙏🏽 stay away from Tamar until she can heal herself of whatever demon has inserted its self within her life….

You all are not family, and no one other than her family should have to subject themselves to ALLLLLLLLLL THAT.

Keep up your good work do what it is you do and know that as a fan of yours I think your LOOK is a GREAT ONE…


In a recent video of Celebrity Big Brother show Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton shared a hug and ended all their feud.

Prince Charles Reacts Over Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Feud

The feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton has been solved by Prince Charles.

Prince Charles ordered Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton to end their dispute and play nice after gave them a stern lecture.

According to the Royal expert Robert Jobson, Prince Charles convinced both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton when the family met in holiday.

Robert Jobson also claims that the rumors of feud between both the ladies was true.

“I’m sure at Christmas Prince Charles was knocking heads together,

 and you can see that by those photographs of them all walking together in a line,” Jobson shared.

It is possible that Prince Charles used his good relationship with Meghan Markle to end their differences between both the ladies.

These days Meghan Markle focusses more on herself as she is having her first child with husband Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle decided to give birth at NHS Frimley Park Hospital which is located outside London.

Porsha Williams Fans Are Anxious About This

Porsha Williams posted her latest pictures of Dish Nation and her fans and followers are anxiously awaiting when she gives birth to her baby girl.

Porsha Williams is doing great these days and really happy to meet her first baby with fiance Dennis McKinley.

She is sharing all her activities for baby PJ on her social media account.

Recently, Porsha Williams shared her video in which she was dancing in the car, but later she deleted the video after Shamea Morton commented on her video and her fans are little upset over this.

Her fans are so excited to see Porsha Williams as in the role of mother.

Everyone keeps asking her about the due date.

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley are enjoying their precious time together.

She believes Mckinley is the right man for him and she wants him to be the man of the house and trusts him blindly.

Kenya Moore Will Melt Your Heart After This

New baby mama Kenya Moore couldn’t be happier although she is facing so many sleepless nights.

 But she ia enjoying her time with her baby Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is keeping her mama up all the night but her little cute smile makes Kenya Moore so happy.

Recently, Kenya Moore shared a heart melting picture of her baby girl Brooklyn, in which she was exactly looking like her father, Marc Daly.

Kenya Moore told that baby Brooklyn refuses to sleep all the night and

she kicks her feets and wants to play. She explained that it brings so much joy and happiness.

Kenya Moore also confessed: ‘And you thought I was going to sleep through the night!’

Her fans and followers gushed over baby Brooklyn and said to the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star

 that the miracle baby Brooklyn brings so many laughter and joy on Kenya’s life with her gorgeous smile.

Omg! Selena Gomez Viral Bloody Pics

On Jan. 24, Selena Gomez just posted her recent pics with Julia Michaels on her instagram and shared it with her fans and followers.

 But those pics of Selena Gomez went viral after fans noticed blood on her head and her left hand.

People are concerned that Selena Gomez was hurt or in any danger or trouble.

But according to the sources, the pictures were taken just after her 2017 American Music Awards performance for her famous song ‘Wolves’.

She was wearing white dress with white sneakers and the blood marks were the stage makeup.

Because the song of Selena Gomez ‘Wolves’ is all about running through the jungle and running with the wolves,

 that’s why she adopted the look to give the sense.

It was her 3rd post on Instagram since she went to rehab.

On her first post, she announced the return to the world and that post was liked by over 8.6 million people and she also thanked everyone to support her during the tough time.

Sad! Chris Brown Was Heartbroken Over This

Last days were really tough for Chris Brown after a woman accused him of rape. On Jan. 22, He was arrested in Paris. Chris Brown was really heartbroken over the possibility of being locked up and kept away from his four year old daughter Royalty.

Chris Brown has a little baby girl with baby mama Nia Guzman. He was so upset and disturbed over the thought of not seeing her daughter.

But fortunately, he was released from the charge of rape a woman. He was looking so happy and grateful in his first appearance since his arrest. He said to all his fans ‘I love everybody.’

The woman blamed that she and Chris Brown met at the club Le Crystal and then she proceeded to accompany him to be Mandarian Oriental Hotel.

Later Chris Brown called the woman a liar on his Instagram post and said her claim is against my character and morals.

Chris Brown’s lawyer told that they will file a case of defamation lawsuit against the accuser.

So Sad! R.I.P Kevin Barnett

The Fox series comedian Kevin Barnett has passed away in Mexico at age 32 years old.

It is unclear yet that how he died.

Kevin Barnett was reportedly on holiday in Mexico at the time he died.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend and client Kevin Barnett,” his talent agencyUTA wrote on Twitter.

He was an incredible talent and a wonderful person.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

His fans and followers paid tribute to him on his social media accounts.

Ben Kissel also posted for Kevin Barnett on Twitter.

“The joy he brought to our lives is the greatest gift we have ever received,” he wrote .

“Remind your friends you love them because you never know when you’re [going to] see them again.

 We love you KB.”

Ben Kissel and Kevin Barnett worked together in the Podcast Round Table Of Gentlemen.

Omg! Bret Baier Major Car Crash

Fox news anchor Bret Baier, his wife and two sons were involved in a car crash.

They were spending their vacations in Montana where the accident happened.

But luckily they are alive after horrific accident.

And now they are released from the hospital.

Bret Baier released a statement about his car accident on Monday night.

 “After a weekend of skiing with my wife and two boys in Montana, driving to the airport Monday morning on icy roads, we were involved in a major car crash,” Baier said.

 Thanks to a man driving by named Zach who stopped and helped, we were able to climb out of the flipped car.

And thanks to the first responders and Montana Highway Patrol –

we made it to the hospital quickly. We are very grateful to all of those who helped us out.

Bret Baier is getting lots of love and prayers from his fans and fellow members.

The MSNBC host Rachel Maddow send him several boxes of pizza with a note.

Another Woman Blasts On Tiny Harris Husband T.i

In 2018, Tiny Harris’ husband T.i’s video surfaced in which he was slapping a woman on butt backstage at a concert in Indianapolis.

The mystery woman later recognized as Asia’h Epperson.

After video went viral on social media Tiny Harris and T.I seperated for few weeks.

The actress Asia’h Epperson is fed up with all the blames after the viral video of her with T.i. Recently, in a comment of The Shade Room page on Instagram,

Asia’h Epperson fired back to the fans comments who accused her of being T.i’s mistress.

She told her side of the story.

“Let me be clear, the accusations of me having a relationship with that man, being a ‘side chic,’ a “homewrecker” or whatever else ya’ll wanna call me, is absolutely positively 100% FALSE!!” she wrote.

Asia’h Epperson confirms she was in the leaked video with T.i after one commenter asked So she was the one in tge video with T.I. smacking her on the butt?”

She replied, Yeah yeah! That was me!

Shocking Unrecognizable Throwback Porsha Williams Photos

Recently, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha Williams shared her photos since she was young lady.

She made her fans crazy after her throwback photos because they don’t believe that the girl in photos looks like Porsha Williams.

Fans and followers of Porsha Williams told her in comments that she is exactly looking like Kandi Burruss.

But people are truly happy for her and gushed over Porsha Williams. Supporters of her send her true wishes for her future.

Porsha Williams is really excited these days and enjoying her precious days with fiance Dennis McKinely.

She is damn waiting to meet her baby P.J.