Tekashi 69 Gifts Her Lady From Behind The Bar

Tekashi 69 is in the jail but it doesn’t effect his relationship with girlfriend Jade. He still pampers her lady from the bars of jail.

Tekashi 69 gifted a beautiful car to her girlfriend for christmas gift. Jade shared a video in her new gorgeous car with her daughter.

One person said: ‘U can tell she’s a clout chaser she won’t last long all these years he’s about to get.’

Another person wrote ‘Since he’s locked up this is his way of staying relevant on IG…through her. 👀👀’

One person asked How he can buy things if police take his all money. Another replied ‘He has legal money so that they won’t take it. He’s just in trouble for gun charges.’

Another commenter said ‘everything he does for his girlfriend they expect him to do for the baby mama. They’re all probably baby mamas that’s why. 🤷🏾‍♀️’

Someone asked  ‘Now which boo is this…..The daughter’s mother boo or the boo he was with for 5 seconds before he got locked up.’

Someone said ‘I hope he got his baby mother sitting straight too. If he do then respect to him. But you can’t be having your baby mother struggle while the next bit$h sitting pretty.’

OMG! Justin Bieber Reaction Over Snoop Dog Flirt With Hailey Baldwin

The model Hailey Baldwin shared a photo of her on social media, in which she was wearing a top featuring Snoop Dog photo.

The rapper shared the photo of Hailey Baldwin on her account and captioned with simply her name and fire emojis to let the fans know about his thinking.

Hailey Baldwin husband Justin Bieber commented on the same post “That’s My Girl”.

Meanwhile, Hailey Baldwin encourages Justin Bieber to continue his singing career and now he is back in studio.

According to the sources, because of Hailey Baldwin’s support and love  Justin Bieber is doing more hardwork in recording at a studio. He feels happy, better and complete with his bride. He also wants to release the music soon and ready to make 2019 great with his music.

It is also reported that the new couple is also thinking about having kids.

In interview with Vogue, Hailey Baldwin said ‘I love kids, and I cannot wait to have my own. I would say that now, that is a closer reality.’

OMG! Sad News For Kandi Burruss

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss announced about her new movie Never Heard on social media.

But now according to the sources Kandi Burruss is no more excited about the project and wants to block the planned TV movie. The reason behind is that she doesn’t want all her past exposed.

Other three girls Tiny, Tamika Scott and LaTocha Scott signed the Tv movie and are excited with the plan. Although Kandi Burruss is the only one person who hasn’t signed the project yet.

Kandi Burruss wants to keep her past a secret and doesn’t want to share with others. According to the sources that claims its about the rumors of her sleeping with the group’s manager Jermaine Dupri.

Tiny also slammed Kandi Burruss in 2007 interview to sleep with Jermaine’s father.

But unfortunately, it seems Kandi Burruss efforts doesn’t really works because VH1 has already been hiring staff for production and they are confident to produce the TV movie.

Kandi is playing hardball on business, it’s not about money, it’s about Kandi not wanting some of her past out there.

Rip! Amanda Knox Heartbroken On Christmas Eve

American exchange student Amanda Knox who spent 4 hours in an italian prison and was convicted of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher. Now she is facing another hard time, death of a beloved.

Our baby, Mr. Screams, was hit by a car and died the night of Christmas Eve,  Knox revealed on Instagram, referring to her cat. We buried his body on Christmas morning.

Amanda Knox and her fiance Christopher Robinson are heartbroken over the accident.

He said that He was the smartest, funniest, sweetest, cuddliest, most talkative and wonderful cat. We feel so lucky to have had him our lives.

Christopher Robinson also posted on Instagram and wrote that I’ve never had a friend like Mr. Screams. He insisted on cuddling me. He announced himself like Kramer when he ran into the room. He gave his meow of approval as I fell in love with (Knox). I can’t believe he’s gone.

Robinson proposed to Amanda Knox at her home in November when she was cleared of murder after 3 years of prison.

Now, the couple put her celebration of engagement on hold because of mourn.

She reflected, He helped bring us together,I wish I could hold him one last time. He was our baby, our little boy.

Rip! Bode Miller Breaksdown In Tears On Christmas

Where everyone is celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, Bode Miller and her wife Morgan Miller and family are heartbroken for the loss of their daughter Emmy Miller.

Bode And Morgan are also the parents of 3kids, Neesyn, Nash and Samuel.

Emmy Miller died on July 10, 2018 after a drowning death. Emmy Miller was 19 months old. Morgan Miller posted an emotional message for her daughter Emmy with tears.

Mom and dad with other family members posed for a picture with matching clothing and holding a framed photo of Emmy Miller in first picture. In another picture, the 10 years old daughter Neesyn Miller of Bode Miller held a white rose in her hands.

The family lost Emmy Miller in July when she fell into a neighbor’s pool in Orange County, California. She was rushed to a hospital but could not save her life.

Morgan Miller posted an emotional message for her daughter Emmy with tears. “Merry Christmas to our baby girl in heaven,” she wrote. “We miss you so much!”

“2018 has been a year full of overwhelming sadness and overwhelming joy. We have spent half of this year mourning and trying to heal the loss of our angel which feels like an impossible battle all the while celebrating the birth of our new son. Seeking normalcy for our kids has been our driving force forward.” She Captioned.

“There is no more starting fresh after the loss of a child,” She explained. “So here’s to a healthy 2019 full of personal growth and creating many memories with my babies, full of smiles and laughs. Wishing everyone a special holiday season surrounded by loved ones.”

Nene Leakes And Porsha Williams Fans Are Happy After This

Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams followers are happy after watching latest episode of RHOA. Fans liked most how Nene Leakes was happy for Porsha Williams.

Someone said: ‘You and Porsha were soooo cute this episode. I love how happy you were for her! I wish y’all could mend you guys’ fences. Because the connection y’all have is sooooo fun to watch. ❤️’

Another commenter: ‘focus on the POSITIVE! Which was, your girl Nene Fair Leakes hosted the BEST girls trip EVER in Bravo housewives FRANCHISE history with love light sisterhood and a little bit of shade #shewins.’

Someone Said: ‘Where she see Jealousy i didn’t see that in the show last night. It all in fun. Jesus u people watching TV do not know how they really or when the off camera. Stop looking for negatives in the show. Only us black woman always hating on each others. U go Neneleake it was fun and Fabulously. I love love it. 😎’

One person told their experience when they met Nene Leakes: ‘I met NeNe earlier this year & We hang out at this karaoke spot in the A. I have always loved her from the show & now that I have met her & got to know her. She is really down to earth. She is fun & real!!! I love the person she is!!! She really is the Queen Of Atlanta. 💯 I already was rocking with her but now I’m rocking forever ya dig!!!’

Someone is sure that Nene and Porsha will be friends again: ‘I love Porsha too. But NeNe my girl. We be having a good time together. I actually just got invited to her birthday party which was 2 weeks ago. She good people. I think her & Porsha will make up. That’s one thing about us Sag’s we don’t hold grudges. We forgive but don’t forget. But we know how to move the hell on from petty situations. 😂 They need to get it together & get back to cracking everybody the hell up cause they both funny ASF to me..’

Kandi Burruss And Toya Wright Join Hands With

Rasheeda Frost, Kandi Burruss and Toya Wright united to share happiness to special women on holiday.

The soon to be business partners met women and give them honor.

They presented some gifts to them and their chidren to make their holiday more beautiful.

Toya Wright and Kandi Burruss shared some pictures on social media in which they were opening the gifts.

Kandi Said this: “Over the weekend me and my girls @rasheedadabosschick @toyawright made Christmas dreams come true for 10 families with the Beautiful Bosses Toy Workshop. We surprised 10 moms with everything on their children’s wishlist, complete with brunch, Santa, gift wrapping and more. Special thanks to @djtarxan @chef_petey @thegatheringspots @jasminecrowe and all of our amazing volunteers! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! #BeautifulBosses #GiveBack.”

Toya also shared her thoughts: “My girls and I came together to make sure these beautiful mothers have an amazing Christmas. We picked a few families and bought everything on their children’s Christmas lists. They had no idea that we were doing this. They thought they were meeting with someone to see about something else entirely. I enjoyed every moment with these ladies…it’s such a blessing when you are able to bless others. I know what’s it’s like to not have so I love giving when I’m able. #BBC #giveback #christmas2018.”

One Person praised their efforts and said: “That is so awesome what you guys have done!!! May God bless you all!!!”

Another follower appriciated what they have done: “That’s a beautiful thing! God bless you ladies for blessing someone who needed help.”

Someone gushed over and wrote:  “Thank you, beautiful ladies, for allowing me and my husband to help in serving the community and these beautiful women! It was an excellent experience!”

Omg! Justin Bieber Shared Her Phone Number

Justin Bieber shared his phone number on twitter and then deleted the post. “Had to change it,” Justin Bieber tweeted. “Hit me at +505 5853 1341. I’m on WhatsApp too.” Then after 10 minutes the post was deleted.

This is the second time with Justin bieber’s account. May be someone hacked his account and posted his phone number. Or it may be Justib Bieber himself.

Fans of Justin Bieber are freaking out. One said: “Is this Justin Bieber’s phone number or what?”

Someone said: “Justin’s dropping his phone number like it’s nothing damn I luv him.”

One commenter said: “I don’t want Justin Bieber’s phone number or WhatsApp I want new music and I want it now,”

Someone said: “Respect you but if you got nothing to do we don’t want your number we want music ok.”

In 2018, he got married with model Hailey Baldwin. Nowadays, Justin Bieber is busy in recording their new music at studio. He wants to make his 2019 great with some good music.

Omg! Everyone Warns Porsha Williams

Porsha williams and her fiance Dennis McKinley couldn’t be happier these days. The two spent their great time together in a charitable event.

Porsha Williams shared her happiness with those who are in need.

She captioned her post: ‘“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” ― Denzel Washington Wonderful weekend with @4hosea Children’s Christmas party! When we give, we receive so much more than expected! Seeing the smile on those kids faces was priceless… Thank you, everyone, who joined in the giving this year!’

Recently, Porsha Williams posted motivational message but everyone warns her about her fiance Dennis McKinley and Nene Leakes.

One wrote: ‘Stay away from those negative women . for the health sake of your unborn child. don’t let them near you.’

Another said: ‘Say that! @porsha4real people don’t realize a good thing Till It’s Gone and that speaks volumes for all types of relationships #neverchasepeople.’

Someone told her: ‘I know you Love Dennis PORSHA but slow down a little because it’s something about him he’s a little sneaky.’

Another follower warned Porsha about Nene leaks: ‘I hope now you see what type of person is Nene Leakes…..you don’t deserve to have someone like that in your life especially during this precious moment God blessed you with u, it’s clear what type of a person she is regardless what she can say about apologizing!!!’

Sad News From Remy Ma Days After Giving Birth

This week Remy Ma gave birth to the baby girl. Now according to the reports Remy Ma rushed to the hospital again because of complications from giving birth for emergency surgery.

She is suffering from excessive bleeding from childbirth complications. She rushed back to the hospital that night.

Baby daddy Papoose announced the birth of baby girl on social media. He wrote: Tough labor… but my wife is still fighting through it. She’s a warrior ! Keep us in your prayers! #thegoldenchild is on the way.

He announced: After overcoming such a tough labor/delivery! My wife breast feeds our child, around the clock. I’m so amazed by her strength, courage & motherly touch. @remyma Thank you babe! This is all a dream come true! #thegoldenchild Daddy got you forever 🙏🏿🙏🏿 You are the definition of beauty.

According to the reports her surgery was a success and she received blood transfusions.

Remy Ma is expected to be discharged on next few days from the hospital.

Remy Ma is experiencing difficulties in childbirth for the second time. As she experienced a miscarriage last year with husband Papoose.