OMG! Kandi Burruss Revealed Something Really Big

The current Real Housewives Of Atlanta star kandi Burruss threatens that she will leave the RHOA show if the former co-star Phaedra Parks would back in the show ever.

Kandi Burruss has been part almost since the beginning of the show but now she revealed that she would leave the show if Phaedra parks would ever return to the show.  “There’s only been like one year that I had to kind of like question if [the show] is really worth it,” Kandi said.

She also mentioned all the circumstances and situation that happened between these two ladies in the past with RHOA cast and the host Andy Cohen.

“Obviously it was that year when the whole craziness with Phaedra happened, you know,” Kandi added. “So that was the only year that I kind of questioned it, because I was like, okay, this is too much.”

She also admitted that she has learned so much from this show and made so many fans and supporters who always appreciate and support her in every situation and love her.

Wow! Kandi Burruss Got This Surprise      

Kandi Burruss posted a video on social media in which her son Ace Tucker is enjoying his time with daddy. The cutest video melts all hearts of her fans and followers and they commented just to praise Ace.

In the video, Todd Tucker and son Ace Tucker were having fun together and he had a surprise for his mom Kandi Burruss.

Kandi captioned the video: Aww my 2 favorite guys @todd167 & @acewellstucker. @acewellstucker.

Someone gushed over Ace and commented:  Beyond cute!!! God bless y’all! I really hope you have more babies on the way! We need more kids that come from happy families on this earth.

One person praised Kandi and Todd for their great parenting:  ‘@kandi you and Todd are great parents. Your son playing with a Lite Brite is so refreshing to see.’

People are saying thanks to Todd because he made such an adorable video and sending love and wishes to the beautiful family.

Porsha Williams Has Forced Everyone To Not See This

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams revealed that about ten days are left in arrival of baby Pj. And the nine months pregnant lady is looking damn gorgeous that other women are in trouble because of her fabulous looks.

Recently, She posted a video in which her mother Diane T. Williams is admiring her amazing looks and some women go as far closing their eyes not to look at Porsha’s video. Porsha explained: “A few days ago … Awaiting PJ my mommy loves to see how my body has changed. Her baby having a baby awe #HomeStretch #RainbowBaby #PrayersAnswered #9Months.”

One women said to Porsha claimed: “Whoa!!! She is trying to get everyone in trouble . I ain’t looking Omg my daughter is four months & you make me want to do pregnancy all over again! ’You are beautiful!! Good luck in 10 days!! Looking so radiant love you. I had my rainbow baby three months ago my mom is the same way with me nothing like a mothers love . Porsha it looks like you did good on your weight like your moms said, all baby.”

Fans of her are praising her stunning looks and wishing her safe delivery.

Wow! Kenya Moore Fans Are Excited For This

The newly mother and the former RHOA star Kenya Moore has teamed up with the famous brand FabFitFun and share with her thousands of fans on social media. She refers to the people to avail the makeup products and enjoy it this spring.

‘Yes my spring box from my #fabfitfunpartner has arrived! So many goodies inside! I’m so happy I’ve partnered with @fabfitfun to get these yummy boxes filled with full-size beauty, fitness, and health. The seasonal boxes are easily worth more the $200, however, with my discount code “KMDLIVE” you get $10 off your first box at Sign up now so you don’t miss out on getting to customize some of your favorite items in your,’ Kenya captioned her post.

People are supporting their favorite RHOA star and appreciated her work. But on the hand, fans are asking her to come back to the TV show and some fans are advising her to get her own show.

One said: find a name start your own show u can do better with all them. We miss you very much. Cus you were the only true beauty best dress outspoken. and they were always Jealous of you, and your business. When God says yes no man says no.

Fans are telling her that they are missing her and the show is not the same without Kenya Moore.

Fans Are Deadly In Love With Porsha Williams After This

The gorgeous mom-to-be are waiting to give birth to the baby girl and her fans are really desperate to meet baby Pj. But meanwhile she keeps posting her incredible new pictures for her fans and followers to entertain them and sharing all her activities on social media.

In latest photos, she is looking damn gorgeous in feminine yellow dress with an animal print. After Porsha Williams’ post, people are going crazy over the amazing look of soon-to-be mom.

Fans of her praised her: Lord Porsha….you’re killing’em in your pregnant body….go girl!!!! #gorgeous.

Everyone is really excited to see baby Pj I’m I the only one who keeps checking if baby PJ is here….so excited for you @porsha4real.

Not only this, Fans gushed over the fabulous lady and give her title of the classiest pregnant women. ‘Porsha you have been one the classiest pregnant woman I’ve seen in a long time. From your maternity pics to other pics period. Just so classy, covered omg I love it.’

Porsha Williams recently celebrated St. Patrick’s day with her sister Lauren Williams and sister’s daughter Baleigh and made sure to keep her followers updated.

Wow! Porsha Willaims Is Looking Amazing In this

Like Porsha Williams her fans are also desperately waiting for baby Pj. And they are keeping eyes to Porsha Williams just to meet her new born baby.

Meanwhile Porsha Williams is entertaining all his fans by posting her photos and activities on social media in which she looks stunning.

Now she recently shared her dream that come true is that she launched her clothing line in collaboration with Minxstar.

She posted her some recent pictures in which she is wearing a pink skintight dress and fans of her have no words to describe her beauty.

‘When you bout to buss baby down! #Mommiana Dress: @minxstaroffical “It’s from my line” Porsha X MinxStar  Link in Bio #AwaitingPJ #ShakeEmUp’ Porsha captioned her post.

One person wrote in excitement: ‘At this point sis stop flaunting my niece round in these photo shoots and hanhahear umkay @porsha4real just hand ha too me dang it.

Someone said: ‘Girl go ride a bike or jump some rope I bet you go im labor that’s what I did with all my pregnancies, and it went very well I may add.’

Oops! Cynthia Bailey Smart Move After Nene Leakes Slammed Her

Cynthia Bailey is doing fun and spending time with RHOA former star Kenya Moore and her adorable little daughter Brooklyn after being critisize by Nene Leakes. Nene Leakes is angry after knowing Cynthia Bailey is trying to bring back Kenya Moore in the show. Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes fought in the past. Cynthia Bailey posted the cutest video on social media with baby Brooklyn and caption the video ‘I believe in angels💕 @thekenyamoore @thebrooklyndaly #brooklyndaly #thebabysitter #mommybreak #love #aunticynt.

Nene Leakes called Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss weak to bring Kenya Moore back in the RHOA show. In the latest talk, Cynthia Bailey said that I have nothing but love for Nene Leakes, I supported her during her tough time specially in the battle of her husband Gregg Leakes’ cancer. She prays for Nene and her family in this difficult phase of her marriage life.

On the other hand Nene Leakes slammed Cynthia Bailey in her live video chat on social media on March 13. “As far as Cynthia’s concerned, you’re going to have to watch the finale to see what it is that she does,” she said during the rant. “Now, Cynthia’s done a lot of stuff in my opinion, on the down low and very sneaky and underhanded. I’m just telling you the truth. I also just tell it like it is. And, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it and you can figure it out. She has done a lot of stuff that you all just don’t get to see on the show, that’s just underhanded and I always come out looking like the bad guy.”

Everyone is waiting to know the end of the feud between Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey.


In the latest episode of WWHL with Andy Cohen, Kandi Burruss talked about her pal Porsha Williams and not only this she also addressed about Nene Leakes.

Kandi Burruss praised Porsha Williams and said that they are doing pretty great these days and she hopes that it will be always like that.

About Nene Leakes, Kandi Burruss said that she could not care less about the fact that NeNe unfollowed her.

She doesn’t forget her fans and followers and told them that she loves them all.

One of the commenter shaded Nene Leakes and said: NeNe always want someone to run behind her, she forgot Kandi put her on Xscape tour to broadcast her comedy and gain coins until she messed it up with that heckler. Now she got her lil stores, she bigger than everybody in her head! She better get humble before God bring her back to those bad teeth, wide nose, wop sided breasts and toupee. (1st season).

Fans of Kandi Burruss gushed over her and told her in the comments that they like Kandi Burruss a lot and also admire her work.

One person makes fun of Nene Leakes in the comments section and told: ‘The fact that Kandi Porsha Cynthia etc are still following Nene shows they ain’t bothered, Nene wanted retaliation but didn’t get it.

Porsha Williams Enjoy A lot This St. Patrick’s day

Porsha Williams is enjoying a lot St.patrick’s day with her gorgeous sister, Lauren Williams and Lauren’s cutest daughter, Baleigh. They both sister enjoy with cute little pie, Baleigh.

Porsha Williams loves deeply with their little angel, Baleigh. Shamea Morton was also with Porsha. This day they have enjoyed delicious pizza and the latest episode of RHOA.

Porsha captioned on the post of social media,”‘My babies spent the day with PJ! lol Bales is so excited to meet her lil cousin! Love my bookie’s lots of laughs and giggles! #Family @shameamorton @lodwill #AwaitingPJ’

One fan told the future mom: ‘Porsha we been with u every step of this amazing pregnancy but don’t get ghost when the baby come ima need to see some pictures when she arrives I’m already her big aunty.’

Someone wrote ‘So happy & excited for you Porsha! You’re going to be an AWESOME Mom!

Someone wrote ‘So happy & excited for you Porsha! You’re going to be an AWESOME Mom!

Another follower said ‘And I am happy for you Porsha and congrats to your big sister and take care of your baby sister.’

One commenter posted ‘I’m very happy for you. You made your dreams come true, and that is a great blessing. Stay blessed beautiful. Love your success.

OMG! Kylie Jenner Fan Goes Wild

Kylie Jenner Fans and followers are shocked to see a new photo of Kylie. She shared a most adorable pic with her cute little pie Stormi.

Kylie’s fans said its most lovable photo of Stormi to date. Kylie ‘s supporter is very happy to see this pic. Mother and daughter are the most important relationship in the world.

Fans are sounding off on Instagram and Twitter with nothing but love as the photo has over 7.8 million likes on Instagram and more than 400,000 on Twitter.

When the Kylie and her one-year-old daughter Stormi photo are viral .some fans were quick to spot strewn clothes in the background.

Some followers told her to clean her house. Others simply remarked on how much love Kylie shows in the photo for her daughter.

Kylie’s fans are in the millions and for every negative comment made about the reality star and makeup mogul, there are ten more fans praising and showering her with love and positivity.