Wild Story! Zac Efron Spotted Picking Up Trash In London

Could he BE any more perfect? Zac Efron, 30, had passerby swooning on September 19 when he was spotted gathering litter at a nature reserve near London. The Neighbors star “really mucked in,” an excited eyewitness told The Mirror, as he dedicated himself to picking garbage from the concrete barges bordering the Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve. “There was no fanfare over his arrival or anything, he just turned up and got involved,” they said. “Half the volunteers didn’t know who he was, but the kids were really excited.”

We would be, too! But no, Zac didn’t just decide to cross the pond to casually pick up litter. He’s actually filming a nature documentary! Apparently, he had a camera crew following him as he walked along the banks of the River Thames, where trash often washes up on shore. He was also spotted filming at the  London School of Economics and Carnaby Street over the weekend, according to The Mirror.

No word on what this mysterious documentary is called — or why it’s starring Zac. However, the actor is a devout vegan and environmentalist. He’s totally green! He’s a loyal supporter of the American Humane Association, among other charities, according to Look To The Stars, and back in the day, as in 2009, he went to the Teen Choice Awards in an eco-limo. Handsome and a humanitarian? The perfect package!

Donald Trump Jr. Thinks Aubrey O’Day’s New Topless Pic Is Smoking Hot

Aubrey O’Day, 34, stripped to her tight jeans in the former Danity Kane member’s latest Instagram post on Sept. 18! Her alleged former lover, Donald Trump Jr., 40, definitely took notice, we’ve learned. Now, he’s wondering what could’ve been. Hey, eyes up here, Don — you’re a taken man! “Don thinks Aubrey looks smoking hot in her latest topless picture,” a D.C. insider shares with HL. “He misses the chemistry they had together and regrets the bad timing they experienced.”

Aubrey and Don had an alleged affairin 2011 and 2012. This was before he filed for divorce in May of 2018 with Vanessa Trump, 40, although sources claimed Aubrey was told “DJT Jr.’s marriage was over” and that he “intended to leave his wife” before that, TMZ reported on Mar. 23. With their reported forbidden romance in the past, Don is now going steady with Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49. Their relationship is getting serious, but there’s no ring on Kimberly’s finger yet. “While he is really happy with Kimberly, if circumstances had been different, he would have loved to be with Aubrey instead,” insider reveals. “He thinks Aubrey looks amazing and really sexy.”

We’re not going to challenge Aubrey’s sexiness. But — yikes! Don and Kimberly have been touring the country together nonstop. They showed up to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s alligator hunt on Sept. 8, and fund-raised in the Hamptons on Aug. 24, where Kimberly said her and Don “make the perfect team” to Page Six. So, yeah, this is not a casual relationship. Well, Kimberly shouldn’t have to worry about more than a wandering eye, which Don reportedly seems privy to. Aubrey has zero feelings for the politician! “Aubrey is no longer a fan of Don. Jr. in any way,” a friend of Aubrey’s shared with us on Aug. 30. “Her crush on him is dead and done.”                      And Don shouldn’t count on the singer’s vote, following buzz that Donald Trump’s son might succeed his dad in the 2024 presidential election. “If Don Jr. runs for president, one person that he will never be getting a vote from is Aubrey,” the same friend of Aubrey’s shared with us. “She feels very strongly that one Trump in the White House is enough. “

Why! Justin Bieber Friends & Family Insisting He Slow Down His Relationship With Hailey Baldwin

While Jusitn Bieber can’t wait to make Hailey Baldwin his wife, his friends and family are telling him to pump the brakes on the speed that their relationship has moved at.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin‘s romance went from zero to engaged at record speed. They just started dating in June after a brief romance in early 2016, and by July 7 the Biebs had popped the question. Now that the couple has applied for a marriage license, friends and family realize this wedding is happening soon and wishing he’d not make such a race towards the altar. “Justin doesn’t feel like he is rushing into anything and it bothers him when friends or family question his actions or insist he slow down,” a source close to the 24-year-old singer tells HL.

“He knows in his heart that Hailey is the only one for him, for the rest of his life, and it saddens him out when anyone tries to judge or question him otherwise. Justin does not think he is rushing into anything. He has always wanted to be a father and he knows marrying Hailey is the best thing in the world and will make an amazing mother to his kids. He feels lucky to have her and can’t wait to start a family with her,” insider adds.

The “Sorry” singer has always seemed to know Hailey was the one, even when he wasn’t ready to be a fully committed boyfriend to her. In a 2016 interview with GQ, he revealed “I know that in the past I’ve hurt people and said things that I didn’t mean to make them happy in the moment. So now I’m just more so looking at the future, making sure I’m not damaging them. What if Hailey ends up being the girl I’m gonna marry, right? If I rush into anything, if I damage her, then it’s always gonna be damaged. It’s really hard to fix wounds like that. It’s so hard. I just don’t want to hurt her.”

Whoa! Talk about prophetic. At the time Justin added, “Right now in my life, I don’t want to be held down by anything. I already have a lot that I have to commit to. A lot of responsibilities. I don’t want to feel like the girl I love is an added responsibility.” The Biebs has since taken a seemingly indefinite break from any upcoming album plans and can’t stand touring. Now that he’s had plenty of downtime over the last year, he’s finally been able to make his personal life his biggest priority. He just wants to be a husband and father, while being an international pop superstar is secondary to his life.

Wow! Anwar Hadid Has A Plan To Woo Kendall Jenner

Anwar Hadid, 19, touched down in Milan on Sept. 19. But he’s looking forward to more than Milan Fashion Week, which runs from Sept. 19 to 25. Kendall Jenner, 22 — whom he reportedly made out with on Sept. 5 — is also in town! And she’s already made lunch plans with Anwar’s sisters Gigi, 23, and Bella, 21, as she was photographed grabbing a bite with the models in Milan on the same day Anwar arrived. He better step up his game if he wants to see Kendall, who’s already walked at Alberta Ferretti’srunway show today! Good thing Anwar has a plan, we’ve learned. “Anwar is extra excited about being in Milan for Fashion Week because he’s going to be seeing Kendall while he’s there, he’s really looking forward to it,” a friend of Anwar’s shares with HL. “They’ll both be busy with work, but he’s very hopeful that they’ll get some one on one time together.”

And by “one on one time together,” Anwar means he wants to play tour guide for Kendall. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! “Anwar knows Milan well and is planning to take Kendall to all his favorite spots,” the model’s friend continues. “Right now things between them are still super casual, but he’s hoping that he’ll be able to romance her in Italy and take things to the next level.” The two models may be in the casual stage, but they’re certainly not short on passion! Kendall was photographed in Anwar’s lap and snogging at a CFDA Awards after-party in New York on June 4. They reportedly followed that make out session with another, as they were “furiously locking lips” at Cipriani Downtown in SoHo on Sept. 5, according to Page Six. And they’ve had plenty of more hangouts together, dining at Nobu on Sept. 2, celebrating Labor Day together on Sept. 3, and kicking back at Cipriani Downtown, again, on Sept. 8. But don’t count these as dates. Anwar’s sisters tagged along on all these outings!

“He’s not going to put any pressure or expectations on her though, he knows the best move when it comes to Kendall is to let her take the lead,” Anwar’s friend continues. Good call! Kendall doesn’t like the situation to get out of hand, which is why she broke up with NBA player Ben Simmons, 22. “Kendall is the one that pumped the breaks on things with her and Ben and it all comes down to her being afraid of getting hurt, or worse, him breaking her heart,” a source close to Kendall shared on Sept. 6. “She started to really like him and that brought up a lot of fears for her.”

Winner Has Been Crowned! America’s Got Talent

After weeks and weeks of performances, only 10 finalists have made it this far. Courtney Hadwin,Shin Lim, Michael Ketterer, Vicki Barbolak, Samuel J. Comroe, Glennis Grace, Daniel Emmet, Brian King Joseph,Zurcaroh, Zurcaroh, and Duo Transcend are all still in the running to become the America’s Got Talentseason 13 winner. The Sept. 19 finalewill feature special performances and guests.

Legendary rock band KISS opens the show with an incredible performance. Now that’s how you kick off a finale! The band performs an electric rendition of their hit “Detroit Rock City” on the AGT stage. The next performance is from none other than Glennis Grace and Bebe Rexha! The fierce ladies team up for an amazing rendition of Bebe’s song with Florida Georgia Line, “Meant To Be.” The show takes a little segue by allowing Mel B to try her hand at jokes, and it is pretty funny.

Courtney hits the stage with The Strutsto perform a fiery rendition of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.” Daniel then sings a gorgeous song with opera legend Placido Domingo. Comedian Vicki and David Spade team up for a hilarious comedy session together. Yes, she totally brings up his hit movie Joe Dirt!

Earlier in the season, Simon asked country legend Garth Brooks to write Michael a song. Garth didn’t disappoint. He bestows Michael with an amazing song that’s perfect for the finale. Michael’s voice and performance are breathtaking. Garth must be so proud! Simon Cowell, who gave Michael his Golden Buzzer, tells Michael that he is “amazing.” That’s high praise from Simon! Shin Lim takes the stage to wow us with some more magic, and he’s accompanied by Tyra Banks and American Ninja Warrior’sMatt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Brian and Lindsey Stirling unite with their violins and give us the duet we’ve been waiting for. During their performance, Duo Transcend wows us with more acrobatic moves. Suddenly, the members of Zurcaroh are on stage and leave our jaws on the floor with their bold moves.

Now it’s time to narrow it down to the top 5 finalists. Zurcaroh, Brian, Shin, Samuel, and Michael are still in the running, which means Duo Transcend, Glennis, Daniel, Vicki, and Courtney are out. Michael is eliminated next, finishing in fifth place. When Tyra calls his name out, everyone is absolutely stunned. He’s always been a frontrunner! Simon is noticeably bummed, but he vows to “continue” their relationship after AGT ends.

It’s down to Samuel J. Comroe, Brian King Joseph, Zurcaroh, and Shin Lim. Samuel comes in fourth place, while Brian comes in third place. Zurcaroh and Shin Lim are your final two! So, who wins? SHIN LIM!

What’s Next! Cardi B Not Letting Go Of Her Anger For Nicki Minaj

Cardi B, 25, is still reeling over her fight with Nicki Minaj, 35, at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party during New York Fashion Week and she’s putting the negative energy into a new diss track! “Cardi B is still furious at Nicki and she is coming after her in a new diss track which might be released very soon, maybe even in the next few days or later this week,” a hip hop insider shared with HL. “Cardi was in the studio working all night last night on the track which is full of heated words. She has been feeling inspired to get a few things off her chest because she has never felt more disrespected and motivated at the same time. New music is coming soon and Nicki better brace for impact.”

It sure sounds like Cardi is doing what she can to get back at the “Superbass” singer. After walking out of the party with a huge bump on her head, the new mother proved she’s willing to do whatever it takes to stand up for what she believes in. Shortly after the fight, Cardi took to social media to defend herself and explain that she did what she did because Nicki was allegedly talking ill of her baby daughter Kulture. Nicki denied the claim on her radio show, Queen Radio and pointed out that Cardi is an alleged liar.

Cardi’s diss track won’t be the first time she’s dissed Nicki. She recently took to social media to post a photo of top hip hop album sales for the year and pointed out that “numbers don’t lie” indicating her album Invasion of Privacy was on the list and Nicki’s album Queen was not. The post came after Nicki posted a series of tweets claiming she had the top album in the U.S. It will be interesting to see what Cardi’s diss track will say but either way, we’re sure she’ll have a lot of fans jumping to hear it!

Em’s Daughter Hailie Scott Uncomfortable Being in The Middle Of Eminem & MGK’s Feud

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are in the middle of a heated feud, that all started back when MGK made some inappropriate comments about Em’s daughter, Hailie Scott.

Hailie Scott, 22, is the only daughter of rapper Eminem, 45, and also the cause for the major beef between him and Machine Gun Kelly, 28. The feud has been going on for years, and Hailie is getting sick of the drama as she is used to living a life out of the spotlight, a source revealed to HL. “Hailie is not happy about being in the middle of her dad’s feud with MGK. She does not like all the attention her dad’s beef with MGK is bringing and wishes it did not involve her,” the source said. “She lives a quiet life and is not about the rap world. It is one thing for her dad to rap about her, which is something he has always done, but now that others are talking about her too, she is getting uncomfortable with all the attention.”

Here’s the story: Back in 2012 MGK made some inappropriate comments about, a then 16-year-old Hailie, which Eminem discovered some time later. However, the Detroit rapper told Sway Calloway in a recent interview that MGK’s comments about his daughter were not the only reason he attacked him on his new album Kamikaze. “The reason I dissed him is actually a lot more petty than that,” said Em. “The reason that I dissed him is because he got on – first what he said, ‘I’m the greatest rapper alive since my favorite rapper banned me from Shade 45,’ or whatever he said, right? Like I’m trying to hinder his career. I don’t give a f*ck about your career. You think I actually f*cking think about you? You know how many f*cking rappers are better than you? You’re not even in the f*cking conversation.”

Well, MGK fired back, of course, and the two have been going back and forth with disses ever since. With things continuing to escalate between the two rappers Hailie is feeling shook. “Hailie knows that her dad is not happy with MGK and while they may just be rapping about each other, she has never seen her dad look so angry and she fears things could escalate,” the source revealed. “She would hate to see anything bad happen to her father because he felt obligated to defend her honor. The whole thing makes her upset and she does not like being in the middle of the rap feud at all.”

Melania Trump Is Angry Over Stormy Daniels’ Comments About Donald Trump

Melania Trump, 48, is feeling the negative effects over Stormy Daniels‘ shocking comments about Donald Trump‘s penis in her new book Full Disclosure, and she just wants the whole controversy to go away. Stormy apparently compared Donald’s “smaller than average” penis to a toadstool in the book and explained that her alleged sexual affair with the now president was “the least impressive sex” she ever had. “Melania feels embarrassed over the disgusting remarks made by Stormy regarding the Donald’s penis,” a D.C. insider told HL. “Melania feels like Stormy’s description of his penis is rude, disrespectful and just plain wrong. Melania is furious over the ridiculous statements and she wishes Stormy would be quiet and go away.”

In addition to the sexual affair allegations, Stormy claims Donald offered to put her on his reality show The Apprentice in exchange for sleeping with him and even explained that he could get a cheat arranged so she could appear on more episodes of the show. Donald has denied Stormy’s claims but her book threatens to reveal even more alleged facts that could turn the entire situation even worse.

Melania has been publicly quiet about the scandal surrounding Stormy and Donald since it came to light but it’s reportedly been hard for her to deal with. Now that Stormy’s tell-all book is set to come out next month, the first lady seems to be bracing herself for even more negative publicity against her husband. As Donald’s wife and mother of his child, we can understand why Melania would feel so uncomfortable with the allegations and it definitely must be hard to stay positive when such humiliating details arise.

Ouch! Tiny Harris’s Man T.I. Still Follows His Alleged Side Chick Bernice Burgos

Here we go, again. Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, 43, and husband T.I., 37, are once again on the rocks, after the rapper flat out refused to unfollow Bernice Burgos, 38, on Instagram.“Tiny is not happy that T.I. refuses to unfollow model Bernice Burgos, it’s a real sore spot for her. Tiny no longer follows TIP on Instagram, and the fact that he won’t unfollow Bernice is a big part of why she won’t follow him. It’s her way of retaliating,” a friend of Tiny’s told HL. “That’s about the only real stand she could take because T.I. does not react well when she gives him ultimatums,” the friend added.

One can hardly blame Tiny for being so angry – Bernice is the same woman that T.I. was previously accused of cheating with! “She’s been trying her best not to let something as petty as social media break-up her marriage, but hearing about T.I.’s drama with Meek Mill over Bernice, it has brought all her anger and frustration to the surface,” the friend continued. “It’s extra humiliating because all her friends are questioning why her husband is still following this side-chick, and Tiny has no good answer. It really hurts that T.I. won’t show her the simple respect of totally cutting Bernice out and it makes her question if there could still be something going on.

The source also revealed why it’s sohard to get TIP to just hit that unfollow button. “T.I. refuses to be told what he can and can not do. He tells Tiny he’s a man, and he can follow anyone he wants on Instagram. There’s no doubt he loves Tiny with all his heart, but when she tries to tell him what to do, it really pushes his buttons. T.I. swears Bernice means nothing, but so far no matter what Tiny says he refuses to stop following her, no way. The way he sees it, he can look, as long as he does not touch.” Clearly, Tiny does not agree with that sentiment!

The bad blood between Tiny and her man comes just days after, Meek Mill, 31, posted a selfie to his Instagram with the caption, “don’t come to me about no ho!” Once fans figured out that Meek was talking about Bernice, all bets were off. Quick-witted fans of both artist came to the conclusion that Meek was beefing with T.I. over the model, proving that TIP still has feelings for his old flame. This is one love triangle that isn’t going to last though, if Tiny has her way.

Nintendo Tweets When They Noticed Mario Kart Was Trending Worldwide

Nintendo is apologizing after the gaming brand applauded the fact that its game Mario Kart, along with the character, Toad were trending worldwide on September 18. — This is because they caught wind that the only reason the two were trending was because they were being compared to Donald Trump‘s penis size. We can’t make this stuff up.

“Yay #MarioKart and #Toad are trending on Twitter,” the verified account, “Nintendo Life” tweeted. Not even an hour later, the brand took to Twitter to backpedal on their original tweet, writing, “We apologize for this unfortunate tweet from our social media intern. He’ll be collecting the covfefe for the rest of the week!”

The worldwide trend was courtesy of porn star,  Stormy Daniels, 39, who reportedly compared Trump’s manhood to a “toadstool,” which is the mushroom character in the popular Nintendo game, Mario Kart. In her forthcoming book, Full Disclosure, Daniels reportedly discusses her alleged sexual encounters with Trump, who she writes, “has a huge mushroom head (penis).”

Daniels reportedly writes that Trump’s penis size is “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small,” according to The Guardian, who obtained a copy of the not-yet-released book. She writes: “He knows he has an unusual penis. It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool…” Daniels added that “it may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had.”

hl learned that Trump is “furious” over the allegations about his junk. “Donald is absolutely livid about Stormy Daniels‘ description of his penis and bedroom performance,” a source close to the president told us. “He prides himself on his manhood, and he’s furious that he’s been made into this figure of ridicule. He can’t stand being mocked like this.

Trump has yet to tweet about the latest allegations about his you-know-what … but, it’s most likely on its way.